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On average and in a normal market, people stay in their homes for five to seven years before selling or moving on.  Deciding to sell and when, is based on many factors such as the current market condition, financial situation, location, schools, Family or some other unforeseen circumstances.  Therefore, one of the first steps in determining what to do is to take a hard, objective look at your overall situation.
Not to sell options:
Sometimes it IS best to stay where you are.  If that is the case, there may be other things
to consider in making your overall situation better.  Refinancing could lower your monthly
payments or get you some cash which may improve your financial situation.  Of course,
there must be equity in the home to qualify for a refinance.  Protecting your home through
Life Insurance or a Living Trust may be in order.  It will give you peace of mind for years to
Equity Sellers:
If your motivation for selling is to take the equity and move on or maybe downsize, you must take the current market into Consideration.  Sellers here have to be realistic and willing to sell for less than anticipated in a competitive, decreasing market.  The longer one holds out for more money, the more money they are likely to lose.  Your best bet here is to obtain an accurate appraisal through an experienced agent or a licensed appraiser so that there is no “guessing” what your house is worth.  If the house is overpriced, it’s a cue to buyers to say, “I can get the same house for less!” and they’ll keep looking!



FSBO (For Sale By Owners):
It is understandable why people think they can “get more” for their house by avoiding the commissions. FACT: FSBO’s sell for (on average) 89% of what represented Sellers sell their homes for.  Buyer’s today are more likely to pursue Short-Sales and Foreclosures due to the no hassle discounted pricing and separate representation.  In order to compete, it is crucial to price your home correctly from the very beginning.  There is also the job of bring your own agent: Marketing (pictures flyers, newspaper adds, on-line ads Open Houses) You must also be available to show the property during weekends and/or at the buyer’s convenience.  You must know all about Financing options to know if your buyers are qualified.  Then there is the liability of forgetting a form that would otherwise protect you against a Law suit.  There is a reason why 99% of all sellers use a Qualified Agent!
“Short-Sale” or “Foreclosure”:
If you are experiencing a hardship, you may want to consider a Short-Sale. 
What is a short sale?  A short sale occurs when you owe more than what the house is worth.  For many homeowners, a short sale is an ideal way to prevent foreclosure if they can get the lender to forgive the remainder of the loan.  A bank will typically give you another Mortgage 2 years after a short sale.  Many people have chosen this option to give them a new start.  Our clients have told us they now sleep much better at night knowing the past is behind them.


BOTTOM LINE:  If you are thinking of selling…
We Can Help with ANY of the Selling or Non-Selling Methods Above.
Call us today and we’ll get to work for you while keeping you educated and informed throughout the process.
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